Solder Paste





VOC-free spray flux
starts with 2,0% solids

W55.0 series
Your Partner in state-of-the-art
solder and printed circuits technology

  • 100% VOC free
  • water based
  • no halides
  • no special transport regulatin
  • non flammable
  • no special storage
  • no smell
  • can be used in normal an inerted athmospheres
  • excellent wetting on all surfaces
  • incl. Au/Ni, Ag, Cu and Pd
  • Low-VOC Spray-Soldering Fluxes

These no clean fluxes are based on the water based flux W555.0,
but they contain  between 20-60% alcohol
This formulation from water and alcohol provides a direct reduction
of VOC emissions of 40-80% against fluxes based on alcohol.

    • can be used in older machines with not so strong pre-heat-zoes
    • only moderate preheat requirements
    • drop in replacement for alcohol-based flux no new equipment investments
    • higher flash point
    • excellent wetting on all surfaces incl. Au/Ni, Ag, Cu and Pd
    • can be used in normal and inerted athmospheres

KLS-Kreslak and Circuit Chemical guarantees for always highest standard quality. 

We can offer a wide rage of fluxes 

Our top favorites right now are:

                  Standard L 3  3%  solid
                  Standard C 22 S  2%  solid
                  Standard P 880  1,9%  solid

With thinner 

Please ask for data sheet or quote!

Special Fluxes

- selective soldering
- on customers request
- fluxes based on water
- and auxiliaries as aerometer, foam pipes, spot 

   masc etc.

more informations:

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