Manual soldering / solder wire feeder

Programmable Soldering Station
Insufficient solder spots with too less solder tin can be detected only with
expensive test equipment. Solder joints with an intermetallic zone
which is to thin or too thick can not be detected. For an optimum
thickness oft the metallic zone, temperature and solder cycles must
be within certain limits.The quality of manual soldering can only be
guaranteed through a precise control oft he solder process.

With the programmabled solder station PLS 03 solder quality is maintained
although the qualification of the operator is variing.

The automatic wire feeding system and the given solder times lead in many cases
to a higher productivity.

Solder Wire Feeder LV 01 / 02 The Third Hand for Soldering
The automatic solder-wire-feeder LV 01 / O2 was designed to
improve professional production soldering.
Using the LV01 / 02 with one hand is possible.
This makes many soldering tasks, such as the asssembly of wires much easier. Soldering is
rationalized because solder wire handling is no more necessary.
The solder wire feeder is driven by a DC.-motor. The drive wheel has a profile to "grip" the solder wire, which is pressed against it. It has a solid bearing using two ball bearings.The solder wire is transported in teflon tubes, from the feeding unit to the solder tip. This nukes the LV 01 / 02 very reliable. The solder wire feeder can be delivered for almost any type of solder iron. Depending ont ype of solder iron it is equipped with a specific adapter incl. a comfortable push button to start transportation by the finger tip.

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